Search Engine Optimisation: a key tool in developing a successful business.

If a business has not put itself in a position where it will be seen by it’s potential customers, how could it possibly succeed? How can someone sell a product if no one can find it? In this world of never ending options, it’s very easy to get lost behind the hundreds of others who are running the same kind of business you are running, but are more visible online.

The concept of SEO is often underestimated in terms of how it can actually help a business see results, and many small businesses in particular tend to find it hard to develop a successful business as they don’t have an understanding of how SEO works. A study in the US showed that only 30% of small businesses use SEO. This is an alarmingly low statistic considering how heavily our modern society relies on search engines, such as Google, to solve literally all of our problems. Did you know there are 40,000 online searches every second? (Standberry, 2017) Yep, you read that right. The power of the internet is immense.

Image: Oberlo

So why should small businesses invest more time and money into SEO?

93% of all experiences start with a search engine and 47% of people will click on one of the first 3 listings (SEJ, 2016). This statistic demonstrates how a business’s product is only as relevant as the internet says it is. If a consumer does not have instant access to it online, it is significantly less likely to be found.

Most small companies are intimidated by the concept of SEO as it seems too complex, but when broken down it’s as simple as learning to ‘speak Google’. Marketing agency Lyfe Marketing demonstrates this in the video below. They took a small snow bike business and increased their online presence by 753%, making them $96,664 over a 5 month period. All of this was attributed to SEO. This case study signifies the power of having a strong and relevant digital presence, and how in most cases, the resources that go into developing this pay off in the end.

Lyfe Marketing: How to increase Google Rankings with SEO

The fact is that we live in a world where we rely on convenience, and even if your product is better than someone else’s, if the customer cannot find it or if it’s simply too hard to access, they will not buy it.

This is why it’s more important than ever for businesses to make the most out of SEO, and not get caught in the trap of thinking that it’s too late to get involved. It may take months before they see results, but if they are putting the right measures in place, the results will come.

10 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimisation: a key tool in developing a successful business.

  1. Hey Claudia, nice post. Its an interesting fact that only 30% of small businesses use SEO. Its might be linked to the cost, time of effort into implementing SEO or maybe the businesses doesn’t know much about SEO and how it works and think its too hard to implement. I feel small businesses should invest into spending resources on SEO especially if its an ecommerce business as their business lives of how easily they can be found through the search engines. I liked the Lyfe marketing agency’ case study you included as it goes to show what results can happen if business implement better SEO techniques.


    1. Hey Matthew, I agree. I believe most of the reason small businesses are not using SEO is simply that it seems far too complicated. I feel as though some small business owners would see it as something that they need an IT technician needs to help them with when that is simply not the case.


  2. Hey Claudia, really nice blog post! I found your use of statistics and explanation of what they meant to be really informative, especially in the way that you highlighted the importance of SEO for small businesses. You are way to right that it’s underrated, especially when considering that small businesses can enter the global economy if they position themselves correctly online. I’m interested to hear what you think about the opinion that SEO is dead? Quite a common thing to read online.
    Would really appreciate if you could have a read of my blog post this week as well, Jack 🙂


    1. Hey Jack! Thanks for this feedback. I definitely disagree that SEO is dead. I understand there are also other forms of marketing in a business that need attention too, but I truly believe that for small businesses in particular this is an incredibly efficient way to increase their exposure. SEO can literally turn a business from selling out of their backyard to going global, although it may take some time, the results have been proven!


  3. Great Blog post Claudia! I think your correct that long-term, even though it can cost a significant amount of time, is worth small businesses investing in SEO. This will allow especially small businesses to understand at the beginning whether customers actually like there product or service, whether there website is appealing as well as the types of people using there website, therefore making changes at the start before it is to late, or rather in 12 months time when you may have spent a lot more time and money fixing those problems which could have been fixed at the start through SEO and analytics.


    1. Exactly! There is a lot of time, effort, and data analysis that goes into the process of SEO marketing but it has all proven to be worth it time and time again. I feel that if a business finds this process overwhelming it is worth investing money in an agency that can help them. It will solve their problems in the long run.


  4. Hi Claudia – I enjoyed your blog. SEO is important to any business which operates an online business. If they can’t find you, you can’t sell to them. But for some the price is too high to pay and because they don’t how important to be at the top of the Google page.
    Another problem with some small businesses is they have SEO-ed the website to death when it is creative – and possibly had an improved rankings and purchases. The problem arises as they don’t continue to work on improving their SEO – because Google change their algorithm if you are not kept up to date and may find yourself with lower and lower rankings. And this happens way too many times as most small companies don’t have the resources of having a ‘dedicated SEO person’.


    1. That’s a very interesting point you raise Cynthia, Google does change their algorithm frequently and this can make things more difficult for small businesses. I guess in cases like this businesses need to monitor their results and see when they start to decline in order to measure when their SEO is no longer competing in Googles ever changing world of algorithms. However it’s completely understandable that some small businesses simply don’t have the time or money to keep up with these trends and therefore don’t want to get into SEO optimisation in the first place. It’s a difficult issue to combat and I suppose it would need to be handled on a case by case basis.


  5. Hey great blog Claudia. You have highlighted some very interesting points there, in particular why anybody wouldn’t be more vigilant in their marketing and use SEO!


    1. It seems crazy to think people aren’t paying more attention to SEO, doesn’t it? Once you look at the stats it all makes sense!


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